Talking Trash: Conversation Piece

The imminent apocalypse of trash is in fact already here — just that it is occurring elsewhere. Once we accept its arrival, we can begin rebuilding, reconstructing, rescuing, recycling, and resurrecting this waste into other forms. Locally collected trash was assembled into these functional imitations of iconic pieces of modernist furniture.

Alarm clock, balance board, bed frame, bedsheets, blankets, brick, bungee cord, car fender, carpet fringe, ceiling lamp, cinder block, concrete, crutches, curtains, cushion covers, desk chair, doormats, elastic bands, electrical junction covers, electrical wire, fencing, floor lamp, gas pipes, golf balls, I-beam, laundry basket, lawn chairs, light diffuser, MDF offcuts, office chairs, pants, plywood, ratcheting straps, rebar, rubber feet, rugs, seat foam, shirts, siding, sleeping bag, sofa foam, spray foam, steamer, strainer, sweaters, tablecloths, tea cosy, tea tins, towels, underwear, water pipes, woven basket, and xylophone

Project by Lara Hassani
/ 2022 / Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto
/ tagged art, architecture