Do You Have a Clue?

Toronto, like any other place, is full of stories and things that seen in the right light, can seem magical and unbelievable. This was an Alternate Reality Game or ARG that collected such “clues”. In the example shown here, on the land of the Missisaugas, there is a large black obelisk-like stone in front of the school across 1 Spadina (meaning a hill or a high place). The Lord Lansdowne Public School was named after the 5th Governer General of Canada. Meanwhile, on Indian land, a hilltop village called Black Hill was converted into a garrison town and named after the then 34th Viceroy of India, that same Lord Lansdowne. Coincidence? Or clue?

Project by Ameen Ahmed
/ 2019 / Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at the University of Toronto
/ tagged art